A City of Gold

One of my favorite songs by the band Judah & the Lion is their song called Stockholm. The lyrics mention “walking on the stones” and making it “down to old town with churches and shadows,” along with many other references to the city. The song has so much more meaning to me now after visiting because each lyric remains true. I knew from the moment we landed at a small Swedish airport in the middle of nowhere that this was going to be a great trip.

Brooke and I spent a quick weekend here in Stockholm for my birthday, and I will just say that it was the most perfect place we could have gone. Turning 19 here was incredible; we hit all of the famous spots in town, did some shopping, ate some American burgers and milkshakes, and ended the night at Dermot Kennedy’s concert. We were right in the front row, which made for one happy Ashly. One of my absolute favorite things in the world is feeling the heavy bass run through my bones at concerts, and that was definitely achieved. It’s so awesome to me that I can listen to someone’s voice through my headphones for over a year and then suddenly be three feet away from them.

Yes, it’s out of our way to come up to Sweden from London and then go back to the United Kingdom to head to Edinburgh. But was it worth it? 150%.

Stockholm is one of those hidden treasures that you may never think about visiting. We fit so much into our mere 50-hour schedule to see everything that we wanted, but I definitely know that we could have stayed longer. It’s peaceful, stunning, and so memorable. The streets are lined with perfectly placed stones, and the buildings are brightly painted. Shades of yellows, oranges and reds engulf neighborhoods and rest along massive churches and thin roads.

We saw quaint city squares, the thinnest road in the city, and looked over beautiful views of the water below. Statues stand high over us to commemorate the history, and palaces are spread out among the city. Neon street art covers alleyways and green domes color the skyline. It also helps that everything is about a five minute walk away from each other, so we could fit it all into just a few hours of sightseeing.

I quickly fell in love with how calm this city is. As we visited all of our desired locations throughout the day, we noticed how quiet everything is, even for a Friday morning. Cars rarely drove through the neighborhoods, the weather was just right, and the loudest noise was the occasional church bells ringing through the area. We even could sleep with our window open and not be bothered by the street below us; the only sound I woke up to was someone’s footsteps as they jogged past our hotel.

We had the opportunity to stay in an actual hotel this weekend! (Thanks Mom and Dad!) I felt like we were living so luxuriously; we had our own personal space and could fling our stuff everywhere without worrying about anyone else. We had a bathroom and shower to ourselves too, which may seem like a small thing, but I won’t ever take that for granted at home again. It was such a nice time to regain ourselves after being on the go constantly for the past two weeks.

I’m so thankful for the time we got to spend here in Stockholm. Even if it was short and sweet, it definitely ranks up to be one of my favorite places on Earth. I also feel so blessed to have this incredible travel partner by my side and for all of these experiences we’re sharing. Thank you all back at home for the kind birthday wishes!

Stockholm, thanks for the memories.

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